Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Testing SMTP settings

Came upon this link for testing SMTP server using telnet.
Was very useful in verifying whether the settings are right before deploying our j2ee app on a remote server.
Also realized that the WebLogic domain needs a restart if settings in the JNDI Mail Session are changed.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sahi vs Selenium vs Watir

Updated thorough comparison of Sahi vs. Selenium

THIS IS A VERY OLD COMPARISON AND IS NOT TRUE ANYMORE Click here for the latest: Updated thorough comparison of Sahi vs. Selenium

A brief comparison. Please let me know if any information is incorrect.
Added Watir related data from Chris McMohan's comments:

Browser basedyesyesyes
Browser type independent (IE, Firefox etc)IE & FireFoxyesyes
Scriptable/programmable (manageable/refactorable)yesnot natively, but using rubyyes (uses javascript)
RecorderyesOnly on Firefox. yes
Object spynonoyes (hovering on any element,shows its accessor)
Simultaneuos playback of multiple scripts(reduces playback time)yesnoyes
Multiple domain support (go from to
Frames and popup supportyeshas problemsyes
Ant support (helps continuous integration)yesyesyes
Multi language (non-ascii character)supportyesyes
HTTPS supportyes(Protocol independent)yes
Learning curveLearn RubyRecorder reduces the need to write code.TextPad Clip Libraries can be used too.
Language of scriptingRuby - not native to the browserRuby - not native to the browserJavascript - native to the browser andhence easily extendable.
Web-app independentyesno - needs to be deployed with appyes
OS Independentnoyesyes

Comments from Chris McMohan which I have incorporated into this comparison:
Actually, Watir has
a Firefox interface (version 1.0 just released, called "FireWatir")
a Recorder
methods intended for use at the command line like "show_links" so an object spy isn't necessary
Simultaneous playback (via Ruby threads)
Frames support (really excellent frames support)
Popup support native in version 1.5 (coming soon)
Ant support (not sure what you mean, but Ruby can be integrated with CruiseControl)
non-ascii character support (via Ruby)
Learning curve: Watir *is* a DSL for scripting the IE DOM. Ruby is just a bonus. :)


Monday, March 20, 2006

Sahi in London

"That was amazing!"
"That's the coolest thing I have seen!"
"If you haven't seen the demo, you should see it."
"Convincing customers to use this tool should be very very easy."

A few remarks from those who saw a demo of Sahi in the ThoughtWorks UK office.

I am grateful for the appreciation.

Just made another release of Sahi. Changes include automatic opening of Controller Window, and syntax highlighting files for TextPad.

Tech support emails have just started trickling in and it feels good to know someone else in this world is also finding this tool useful!