Sunday, July 30, 2006

Automated file uploads, anyone?

Inspite of browsers playing spoil sport,
Sahi now handles file uploads too!

The strategy was to intercept the request in the proxy, read the file off the file system and insert it into the multipart request.

A workaround yes, but it at least works around!

Good thing is, it even records and plays back the file upload.

_setFile(_file("id"), "C:\\abc\\efg.jpg");

The file has to be present on that path on the machine running the proxy.

Coming up in the next build ...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A salute to the medicos

With immense gratitude do I write this.

My love for sports and my ignorance of the fragility of the human body made me totally tear my ACL ligament in my right knee and was rendered limping for more than a year. I could never imagine myself playing ever again.

But after 2 surgeries on my knee to reconstruct my ligament and a long lull and some intermittent exercises I ran the half marathon a year back and now for the past one month I have been doing what I thought was absolutely impossible then - playing football.

Last weekend was kind of a proof of concept for me when after a good exhausting game of football, I went cycling for some 80 kms the next day.

Thanks to those doctors who let me experience the feeling of wellness that I feel now.

And hey life, I am back!

Waiting for Build?

Our team's love for anagrams made Nikhil and I come together to make this simple timepass site called

We atleast no longer pester each other for anagrams. Just hit the site and move around the letters.

It has some cool (yuck!) dhtml stuff too! ;)