Thursday, September 22, 2005

Some snaps from my Bandipur trip with Andrew Tam and Rashmi on 17th and 18th Sept. 2005. One of my more eventful trips. Had a brilliant sighting of some 10-12 dholes (wild dogs). First time in my life. Paisa wasool in the first 15 minutes of the safari!
Then we were mock charged not once but twice by a group of 6 elephants and a calf! The first time at a safe distance, but the second time very close and from side on. That was interesting!

The view of the eastern ghats from one of the peaks and the largeish full moon rising from the east were superb. Saw a lot of gaur while returning.

Spent the night at MC Resorts.

Sunday dawned and the morning safari was the typical uneventful second safari after the successful first one. Saw nothing.

The decision to hitch hike up to Himvad Gopal Swamy temple was good. We were tired but had lots of fun. Pure pleasure was written on Rashmi's face as we finally got the last stretch lift from a Sumo.

The rest was rest as we got a comfortable car ride down to Gundulpet. The lighting of Mysore palace in the evening was beautiful to say the least. A relaxed evening. and back home by bus.

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