Friday, December 09, 2005

Covered two-wheelers (with AC?) for Bangalore

While walking to office at 9 AM, I observed that out of 96 cars that I counted, 72 had just the driver in it! Of the 24 left, only 6 had more than 2 persons! Every Scorpio(6) and Innova(2) had only the driver in it!

Could covered two-wheelers (with AC?) do the job?

And Scorpios and Innovas should not start if the load is less than that of 3 passengers!


ROhan said...

People are stupid.

Try hard not to think so, but they keep begging that we do. :-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Nice observation! Why dont u do a project for Road Transportation... ;)

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman

Arch said...

I don't remember where..but in some part of india , a guy actually designed an A/C two wheeler..which looked like a 2- wheeled auto. I'm sure it wuld be so much easier if people start using that.


Chris Stevenson said...

You mean like this:

Optional equipment will include ABS, heated handlebars and seat, a radio and CD player, navigation system, mobile phone holder and an anti-theft warning unit. Unfortunately, BMW has forgotten the cup holder.

May be a bit expensive in India though.

It is even worse here in Canada by the way. No 2 wheelers at all and of the 100 cars on the freeway, I'd bet ALL of them are just one driver. Including me unfortunately - not close enough to walk anymore :-(

Kiran said...

good idea but does it work - two wheelers with AC , so many times even i tried to work out on the model if have any info about to bring changes in wxisting two wheelers let me know

Anonymous said...

In any of the big cities of Brazil it´s the same thing..
Worst... the 'cool thing' amongs riches is driving a big SUV, so we see very often cars like Jeeps Cherokees with only one passenger!

BTW, congratulations by SAHI, it´s a great tool!
Stefano Spalding Baron