Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sahi - HTTPS support

Another 6 hrs of late night work yesterday
and I have almost all my https woes solved.
Even though Sahi could handle https before,
it was using a single certificate for all https websites,
causing browsers to report mismatch in the certificates.
With a mix and match of on demand generation of certificates using keytool,
and per website creation of certificates and some caching,
I have Sahi handling SSL so smoothly that
all I have to do is accept the certificates just once,
when I first visit a site and then totally forget about it.

If you have a https website to test, it is going to be a no brainer to automate it using Sahi. Await the next release. I shall post soon.

Now the only big issue left is web pages from multiple domains embedded into the frames of a frameset.

Of course there are a few bugs ... ;)

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