Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Waiting for Build?

Our team's love for anagrams made Nikhil and I come together to make this simple timepass site called http://www.waitingforbuild.com

We atleast no longer pester each other for anagrams. Just hit the site and move around the letters.

It has some cool (yuck!) dhtml stuff too! ;)


Anonymous said...

Nice game..

But for the letters H, T, B, R, O I entered THROB and not only did it not accept it as a correct answer, it called me a loser and all. :'(

Anonymous said...

And according to the game, BROTH was *the* right answer. Bahhhhhhhhhh

Muthu Ramadoss said...

Excellent.. Good time-pass.

May be show hints ??

Anonymous said...

how abt adding meanings too, when the answer is revealed by the user or by the program?

Jake Scruggs said...

your site has been hacked. it now reads:
pwned By Mor-r0ver + Wizardz at email com +
gr33tz to aLL friendZ

gr33tz indeed.