Friday, February 02, 2007

Sahi Nightly Build 2006-02-02 released

Released another version of Sahi.
Added a few fixes to the release made 2 days back.

This is a fairly major release with the following changes:

* APIS added
_mockImage(pattern, clazz)
_assertContainsText(expected, el, msg)
_style(el, property)
_execute("commandline command");

* Feature additions
Test status on Controller
Launch test from command line
Add line numbers to script in logs
Back button support
Keep-alive support to tackle too many connections in TIME_WAIT issue
regular expression support in all APIs
Safari support
junit style logs added
jira issue tracking added

* Bugfixes
_condition when used with _include was stopping execution of script.

Of significance is the regular expression support in APIs.

So if you wanted to find a link which looks like "my_link_KJHSA" you could just do _link(/my_link_.*/).
Most APIs which took strings as parameters can now take regular expressions.

The communication between the browser and Sahi now uses Keep-Alive thus solving the major issue of too many connections in TIME_WAIT state.

Documentation is still being added for the new features on

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