Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sahi V2 20080831 Released

After close to a month of development, Sahi V2 20080831 has been released today. (

This release uses Rhino as the scripting engine, thus moving most of the script execution to the proxy. This should go a long way in simplifying Sahi scripts. Scripts now execute on the proxy, and only stuff that needs to execute on the browser is sent to the browser. Thus scheduler functions are sent to the browser for execution. One change which has come in is that custom functions which may have been added for identification of browser elements, now need to be wrapped in a <browser></browser> tag so that they are also sent to the browser.

This build also has some important changes to the SocketPool which will fix issues related to too many sockets being used and errors due to BindExceptions. Suite execution has been changed such that even if the browser crashes, the suite will continue with the next script and thus not hold up a build. DB methods now close connections properly.

There will still be a few rough edges and I hope users will report bugs so that they are easily fixed. Meanwhile, help spread the message through your blogs or email forums.

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abhinav vaid said...

Narayan, amazing work from you man. One small querry, does the new release take care of socket related issues earlier version had. I am told by one of my pals who too has been on sahi from a while now. This is with respect to multithreaded socket problem where in one of the socket used to go into deadlock and the sahi window kind of displaying "waiting for socket" error message endlessly. I was told that you are moving server side handling to browser so that it does not happen. Of course, there's not much one can do being java being the platform and memory handling native to the vendor/tool/platform. Any information on this would be highly highly appreciated.