Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Viewing cookies in IE

There are times during development when you wish to see the cookies of a particular site, but do not know how to view them. You can use this simple solution to view cookies.

Drag this link to the Bookmarks toolbar on firefox. (Enable the toolbar by: View -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Toolbar)
Show Cookies

On IE, right click on link, "Add to Favorites", Create In -> "Links". (Enable toolbar via Tools -> Toolbars -> Links)

Once you have this link on the toolbar, you can navigate to any site and click it to see the cookies.

Of course there are plenty of cookie viewing techniques and tools around, but this is a very easy and handy way of checking cookies quickly.

The html of the link above looks like this:
<a href="javascript:alert(document.cookie)">Show Cookies</a>

Bookmarlets like these can be really useful at times. For example in my newly launched http://www.househunt.in website, I have a bookmarklet which helps me gather relevant links from a builder's site. All I need to do is navigate to the builder's website, click a bookmarklet on my browser and it injects javascript into the page to collect all relevant links and display a popup page. I then just add some more information and submit. This ease has helped more than 400 projects in Pune to be added within a short span of time.

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This is good, it solved my problem easily.